Is Laser Hair Removal Painful? Advantages of Diode Lasers

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Long-lasting effects are undoubtedly the main advantage of laser hair removal. However, many of us wonder whether the treatment is painful. If you are in this group, check out what you need to know about diode laser hair removal!

When thinking about any aesthetic medicine procedure, whether it’s for skincare or health purposes, we worry about the pain. The situation is no different when it comes to laser hair removal (or actually laser epilation). Is laser epilation treatment painful? There are numerous facts and myths concerning this topic. But what’s the truth?

Laser epilation – is it painful?

Laser hair removal can involve some pain and it’s determined by numerous factors, including your individual pain threshold. The type of laser is also important. Modern technology and the use of diode lasers is able to significantly reduce unpleasant feelings experienced during the treatment. The skills of the person performing the epilation treatment are also crucial – to ensure safety and minimal pain during the process, laser hair removal should be carried out by a trained and experienced specialist who is acquainted with the equipment and the process.

Popular diode laser hair removal is associated with some discomfort that occurs when the laser “shoots”. However, most people don’t describe it as pain. Of course, the level of discomfort experienced during the treatment is also determined by the epilated body part – some areas of the body are less sensitive, while others such as bikini or armpits are more prone to pain. In addition, the structure of the hair itself (the thicker and stronger the hair, the greater the discomfort associated with the treatment) and the skin complexion (laser hair removal will be more painful for people with darker skin and dark hair than for those with blonde hair) may play an important role. The most satisfactory epilation results are observable in the case of dark hair on fair skin.

The modern Spec3 Hybrid Diode Laser used in the EPILOU salon doesn’t cause typical, pain-like symptoms. Treatments are generally pleasant, you may possibly feel slight warmth when the cosmetologist manages parameters.

Both during the treatment and just after the epilation, you may observe slight irritation which is entirely normal and goes away after a few days.

How to minimize the discomfort?

If the patient is very sensitive to pain, it’s worth choosing treatments performed with the modern SPEC3 Hybrid Diode Laser. It’s equipped with an innovative cooling system placed in the treatment head – it eliminates the feeling of heat and protects the skin against burns, providing the desired comfort. Keep in mind that there is a reason why the treatment isn’t performed on freshly tanned skin. A suntan can increase discomfort or even cause burns after the laser treatment. Therefore, it’s crucial to stop tanning and protect your skin from the sun relatively earlier. In exceptional situations, it’s possible to alleviate the discomfort after the treatment with a properly selected product recommended by the laser hair removal specialist.


It’s important not to use your own cosmetics immediately after the treatment as they may contain skin irritating ingredients. Follow the recommendations – avoid sunbathing, give up the sauna, swimming pools and hot baths for a certain time.

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