Laser Hair Removal. What Do You Need to Know?

Laser hair removal – what is it?

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Wondering what “laser hair removal” is? Or maybe you have encountered the word “epilation”? If you want to get rid of unwanted hair, you should definitely check out key facts about these terms to dispel any doubts. Our tips will help you make the right decision about the treatment.

Laser hair removal and laser epilation – what is the difference?

Although it might seem to you that these two terms indicate completely different things, the answer to the abovementioned question is simpler than you could expect.

Epilation is the only long-lasting method of removing hair from the skin surface. In this case, hair is removed together with its bulb. On the other hand, depilation means that the bulb remains under the skin, therefore, hair begins to grow back after a relatively short time. It’s crucial to bear in mind that the epilation treatment has to be performed in series (it requires from a few to even several treatments, depending on the hair type). Only then it’s possible to achieve satisfactory results, meaning smooth and soft skin. All of this due to the hair growth phase. Moreover, epilation is carried out in a salon with the use of professional equipment and by a trained person, as opposed to depilation frequently done at home on one’s own.

There are different epilation methods – laser, electrocoagulation, electrolysis, photoepilation, thermolysis and ultrasound. Laser epilation is considered to be the most popular, the finest, the safest and the most long-lasting solution. The terms “laser hair removal” and “epilation” are frequently applied interchangeably in everyday language.

Laser hair removal, otherwise known as laser epilation, consists in removing hair with the use of a laser and an appropriate wavelength. The laser light directed at a given body part is converted into heat which destroys hair together with its bulb.

Laser hair removal – what is it?

Just to put you in the picture, we are going to briefly explain what exactly laser epilation (laser hair removal) is and what this treatment looks like. Laser hair removal involves the use of photothermolysis. During this treatment, the laser light beam penetrates the hair through the melanin (pigment found in the hair follicle). It’s absorbed, leading to the permanent destruction of the hair bulb, thus preventing its regrowth.

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Laser epilation or laser hair removal?

It also needs to be mentioned that the word “depilation” itself refers to getting rid of hair only for a short period of time. Depilation can be done at home with the use of a disposable razor, an electric epilator, a hair removal cream and a hair removal wax. However, by definition, depilation, unlike epilation, doesn’t remove hair with bulbs, it only gets rid of the hair visible on the skin surface. This means that after this type of treatment hair grows back within a few days or so.

Therefore, it shouldn’t be surprising that epilation has been enjoying increasing popularity over the past few years. Nowadays, we can benefit from high quality lasers designed for such treatments, moreover, aesthetic medicine is becoming more accessible and common. The effectiveness and permanency of the treatment, which translates into everyday comfort, contribute to the growing popularity of laser hair removal.

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